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I'm Feyisola and I help wedding planners scale to


sales months


Hi, I'm Feyisola Ogunfemi the founder of Statuesque Events and I'm on a mission to help 100 wedding planners grow their businesses from passion projects to profitable businesses. I've been listed as one of the most influential event planners in the country in 2020 by Bizbash and want to open the doors to other wedding planners to achieve similar accolades in our industry.


I'm a Computer Engineer and Project Manager turned Wedding Planner who helps wedding planners market for sales, close sales and refine business processes to save time while making more money.


At the start of my career, I did all the "right things." I enrolled in NYU's prestigious event management program, volunteered at events and attended all of the networking events. I attended conferences and seminars that shared bits and pieces of the same high level information that still left me stuck.


That was, until I dug deep and built my own business systems to market my business, close sales with my ideal clients and run a successful, profitable business in just a few hours a day, which I did for years while also managing a high paying tech job.


Fast forward to today, even in the midst of a pandemic, I've sold 5-figure wedding planning packages and had $25K+ sales months.


For the past few years, I've coached creatives and wedding planners on how to do the same, and have gathered the best of this information into my signature program, Planners who Profit.


You work too hard to stay where you are. 

Let's Talk About It: You thought your wedding planning business would be further along by now. 

You got the certificate

You've invested time and money to learn the art of event planning. 

You put in the hours

You've spent countless hours perfecting your craft. 

You've proven yourself

You've got reviews to show off your creative genius.

You've Got connections

You've built a network of the best vendors in your area. 


  • You're overworked and underpaid because the only way to make a sale is to sell packages for less than they're worth.

  • You struggle to find the right clients, and often end up with those who don't value the time and energy you're putting into your work

  • You're constantly referring other vendors without getting referrals back to your business. 

  • You're tired of the need to be glued to your phone, because social media marketing has brought more anxiety than clients to your business



Dream clients

Clients with the right attitude and budget to create a positive and luxurious experience.

Consistent income

Paying yourself a consistent salary from your business that is in line with the level of work you put in.

Known as the best

Everyone in your area sees you as the go-to planner for an exceptional experience.

Flexible lifestyle

The freedom to travel and spend quality time with others without it affecting your business.

Simply put, you know you were made for so much more.


  • You need to treat wedding planning as a business - not a hobby or passion project.
  • You can't land your dream client without understanding who you are at the core, your unique skills, and how they help your clients.
  • Booking 5-figure wedding packages, creating work-life balance & paying yourself a salary ALL starts with your WHY.
  • You need to value being "paid and purposeful" over "booked & busy"
  • You need to access to repeatable systems so that every new wedding project takes less time than the last, instead of taking all of your time and energy away from the people and things you love.

There are specific strategies that top wedding planners use to land dream clients, get $5K to $20K sales months consistently and experience fulfillment and freedom in their business.

And I want to share

them with you!

And that's why I created.




What life looks like as a Planner who Profits

  • Consistent Salary

    You're making a consistent salary month after month from your business, increasing it yearly, while also making enough to cover expenses. 

  • Exotic Destinations 

    Brides and grooms from different cities seek you out specifically due to your expertise and style. You're brand continues to grow and expand across the country and the world.

  • Prestige & Confidence

    You're consistently featured in top wedding magazines and blogs and getting reposted on social media. You're a known name in the industry.

  • Time for Family & Friends

    With processes, systems and a clear marketing plan, you can run your business in 3 hours a day or less without sacrificing quality. You have time for your spouse, children, friends and volunteer work.

Nicole F.

I have to tell you, Feyisola's course was the best course that I've ever taken for my business. The return totally outweighed the course. and I actually saw a 100% monetary return in investment just weeks after putting her systems in place.


Even with me being in business for 18 years, there were still things for me to learn and take away. Fey's teaching style is so adaptable to anyone. What you put in is what you get out of it. And I'm so thankful that she put this together! I would totally recommend this program ten times over!

Adeline S.

Feyi was able to broaden my knowledge on how to use online marketing for my wedding planning business without paying a dime on ads.  I was able to plug those SEO keywords into my webpages, and since then I got lots of traffic and have actually booked two 2021 weddings just from my website changes alone. Not only is Feyi smart, she is very personable, and will guide you every step of the way. If you are an experienced business owner who is looking to grow your business, please connect with Feyi, and she will guide you through the process. Thank you again for all your help Feyi.

Khatera P.

Get you a coach like Feyisola!


Feyisola is the best coach and mentor! thank you for everything ❤️

Thank you for your support and love and I truly appreciate everything you said to me during our sessions.

You may be thinking Feyisola, this sounds great but

can this really work for me?

  • I've done all of the courses and conferences with no change in my situation
  • I don't want to take time away from my clients working on another program
  • I'm not even clear on who my ideal client is yet

I know that you feel stuck on what to do next and how to get to that next level. But the truth is that you need a complete and comprehensive plan, to help you grow, and avoid costly mistakes that can keep you stuck for years to come. 


Without a strategy, the right tools and guidance at each stage in the process, even simple challenges can keep you stuck spinning your wheels instead of growing to new levels in your business.

This is why I created Planners who Profit, the most comprehensive program for experienced and skilled wedding planners who are ready to step into the high end market, make a consistent income, make a name for themselves in the events industry and live a flexible lifestyle.

This is a transformational program that addresses the whole woman. We don't believe in simply sharing tips and tricks, but in helping you make the inner shifts necessary to run a profitable business, make wealth and keep that wealth. 

Our core values drive every training, coaching call and feedback session to help

you transform into a Planner who Profits. 


Increased productivity to reduce time spent working and increase quality.

To the Point Advice

Direct, to the point advice and feedback that you can implement immediately.

Abundance Mindset

We'll coach you into receiving more and letting go of limiting beliefs & habits.

Faith & Ethics

As a Christian-owned business, we strive to provide ethically sound advice and a safe sisterhood.

Women Empowerment

We aim to empower each planner to live boldly on and off wedding season. 

Planners who Profit

with Feyisola Ogunfemi                                  

A 6-month comprehensive program for experienced and skilled wedding planners who are ready to step into the high end market, make a consistent income, make a name for themselves in the events industry and live a flexible lifestyle.

Our team of coaches provide transformative training, toolkits, templates and serious support through our weekly coaching calls throughout your membershippersonal feedback on your work and a community of your peers at the same level to take this journey alongside you. 

  • You're Never Alone

    You're joining a community of the best wedding planners from across the country who are there to cheer you on, support you, vote on your ideas and ask questions that you also can learn from. 

  • You'll Receive Ongoing Feedback

    You have access to unparalleled support including weekly feedback sessions, weekly Q&A sessions, and assistance in between through our private Facebook group.

  • Access to a Clear, Repeatable Framework

    We understand that it takes more than an Instagram page and website to build a thriving business. Our framework to building a profitable business will help you restructure your marketing, sales, pricing and delivery to create a profitable business that couples love FAST!

The Result:

The Result: Crazy confidence, clarity that sells, opportunities to work with the highest quality clients & an abundant life.


There is a HUGE opportunity to get started on the deep work in your business.


With booking season around the corner and a large number of postponed weddings, more couples than ever are starting to understand the value of a quality planner. They are looking for someone who can help them navigate changes in the industry due to the pandemic. 


In the next few months we are going to see a rush of new wedding planning clients.


I want you to be prepared to stand out from the crowd and receive overflow in your business.

By starting now, you'll be positioned to hand pick your dream clients!

Your time is now! 

This is your chance to reimagine your life and your business on your terms!
We provide the tools necessary to reengineer your life for success.


Learn my 4-step framework for building a consistently profitable wedding planning business. 

Please make sure to give as much explanation as possible. This is your chance to make an impression and let us know if you would be a good addition to Planners who Profit! 

As a wedding planner, you are "command central" on the wedding day. Couples, vendors and guests all depend on your expertise and countless hours that you put in before and during the event day to ensure it goes smoothly. But many times people don't see that. It's time for you to be seen and compensated accordingly.

The frameworks, strategy and weekly support that you need to get there is all available within Planners who Profit. This program is the key to unlocking your next level!

Now let's cut straight to the heart of the matter

  • I know you’ve probably enrolled in a few digital courses that promised a whole lot but didn’t deliver much.

  • You spent hours creating proposals for what looked like your ideal clients only to be disappointed later.

  • You spend hours a day on social media posting, scrolling and commenting waiting for the advice from YouTube and Instagram to eventually pay off. 

It's not that you're not working hard enough. You just don't have the right strategy. 

And hustle without strategy leads to

burnout instead of growth. 

What Makes Us Different

  • We start with your core

    We start with a skills assessment and marry that with your passions to clarify the vision for your business.



  • We prepare you for success

    We prepare you for success in the full lifecycle of a client, from sales calls through getting stellar reviews after the wedding.

  • Define your ideal client

    We take a deep look into creating your ideal client avatar based on past client experiences and successes, the position you to get more of those clients.

  • We free up your time to focus on what matters

    You can say goodbye to frequent all nighters. We help you let go of toxic mindsets and work habits, and replace them with productive approaches to keep both your clients and your family happy.

Life before Planners who Profit..............

  • You know you're long overdue for a price increase, but you keep attracting couples who are unwilling to even pay your current rates.

  • You work hard all year long, then wonder where all the money went when you look at your books at the end of the year.

  • You work hard and always say yes— even if it means working more hours for praise and not pay.

  • Your discontentment with the progress you're making is spilling over into your personal relationships.

  • You question why people with less experience and fewer credentials are able to grow past you.

Life after Planners who Profit..............

  • You attract your ideal clients at a higher price point. At this point, you no longer need to work every weekend to meet your sales goal of the year.

  • You're clear on what you spend on overhead and staff so you are paying yourself a consistent amount each month. 

  • You have clear boundaries and add-on services defined so that you are always paid and praised for your efforts.

  • You finally feel fulfilled in your business and have the time, energy and joy to give your family and friends when you're off the clock.

  • You gaining speaking and press opportunities to establish you as a heavy hitter in the events industry.


Feyisola is a shrewd businesswoman who understands how customers think when they stumble onto your site or your social media page. Her lessons emphasize that little actions built over a long period of time can yield massive results. She is also a big picture thinker who is interested in helping you play long term game.


In addition to that I enjoyed the small group format of her teachings, because I was able to learn a lot from the questions of the other students... questions I would have never thought to ask in a one-on-one session. I highly recommend working with Feyisola for your business and marketing coaching needs.

Valerie A.




Becoming a profitable planner starts with the design of your packages. In this module, we address limiting money mindsets and replace them with the profitable planner's mindset so that you're prepared to sell your new packages within 60 days of starting the program!


We equip you with the framework to design your abundant lifestyle intentionally through your package design. We also show you how to leave room for price changes as the wedding needs change along the way. 


The savvy planner knows that time is more valuable than money, and spends her work time wisely and efficiently to leave room to enjoy life.


This module will equip you with tools and templates to save you hours of time per week. After this module, you'll begin implementing the steps to make more money in less time. 





The boss knows that she has something valueable to sell and isn't afraid to tell the world. She knows her best traits and knows what her clients need before they even ask. 


In this module, we'll show you how to position your business on social media, magazines and through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure that your ideal can clients can find you when they look for you. 


The profitable planner knows how to use email communication, sales calls and the right language to convert the right bride into her client. She is always honest, yet her sales skills are A1.


In this module, we break down the key to a sales funnel that works for brides and grooms, including a customizable sales script and email templates to help close the deal.


The profitable planner doesn't do it all alone. She has a rockstar team of assistant planners and vendors who understand her needs and are always ready to give her clients the best service.


This module will give you insight and checklists to identify the right assistants and vendor partners to work with. You'll be all set to assemble your dream team that you can rely on at the end of this module.





The profitable planner always maintains the trust of her clients, even while setting up boundaries and time saving systems. Her communication helps her navigate working with indecisive or demanding couples without losing herself or the trust of her clients.


In this module, we'll show you how to approach communications in a way that keeps your clients informed while gently but firmly maintaining your boundaries and time.


The profitable planner is known for her designs. It's one of the few elements of her work that can be captured in photos and videos, so she doesn't take the task lightly! The master designer is not a one trick pony, and knows how to bring the beauty out of any space. 


In this module, we share our favorite design tools and processes on creating a unique, signature design. We also share our signature event design template to make communicating your design to your clients and vendors a breeze.


The profitable planner takes her destiny in her own hands, and makes sure that she gets press every year in her business. She is familiar with the press and production process and is known for being in magazines and articles on a regular basis, which further elevates her brand.


This module will give you insight on how to submit work to the press, what they are looking for and how to work with vendors and clients to submit features to your favorite magazines.





The profitable planner knows that protecting her clients, guests and assistant planners to the best of her ability is crucial to maintaining her reputation. She also knows that her ability to explain safety measures to prospective clients can make or break the sale. 


In this bonus module, we'll share COVID safety practices to put into place on the wedding day, and how to protect yourself and your team legally and physically while the pandemic continues.




  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    Receive weekly coaching from Feyisola and her team. These exclusive coaching sessions is where you’ll get in-depth strategy and answers to all your questions. Bring your struggles, issues, and challenges - whatever the question is, we can tackle it!



  • PWP Signature Template Library

    Client intake questionnaires, sales call script, design plan template, email follow up templates and more! - Yes girl, We provide templates and scripts so that you don’t have to create from scratch.  The PWP Library is the perfect collection of resources!

  • Expert Feedback & Review of Your Work

    Each week, you have the opportunity to submit your work and receive 1:1 feedback in a group setting. Imagine personalized feedback on your website copy, marketing campaigns, pricing brochures, design plans and more! Since it’s a group setting, you’ll be able to learn from the feedback given to others. This is one of the most valuable parts of the program!

  • In Depth Training on Your Zone of Genius

    Each training and module within the Planners who Profit program is to designed to unveil your unique gifts so that you can walk in it, attract the right clients and the right selling prices to match.

You'll be joining one of the most supportive groups of wedding planners in the country! Instead of joining a group with thousands of members who are at different skill levels and giving conflicting advice on each topic, you'll join a community with a clear direction and goal - to elevate the event planning community one planner at a time.

  • * No venting posts or clutter. The group is monitored to ensure that every single post adds value
  • * An intimate community of experienced wedding planners only.This ensures that you can learn from all of questions raised in the group since they came from your peers.
  • * Our team of coaches are active in the Facebook group, providing answers and feedback on questions. This isn't a free for all - all questions will be answered by a coach in the comments or on a call.


  • Weeks 1-4: Package & sales process reboot

    You'll redesign your packages for profit, implement our sales funnel and sales call script with the goal of booking your first client at the new price point within 60 days. We'll debrief after your marketing campaign has been live for 30 days and tweak it for even better success in the months ahead.

  • Weeks 5-8: Productivity & client management

    You'll restructure how you work with your clients, implementing new tools, communications strategies and our templates to get more done in less time without sacrificing your quality of work. (In most cases, your quality is better!)

  • Weeks 9-12: Marketing & press assets

    Wedding season is here, and work on creating the right marketing assets from your wedding season to land press features, and attract new clients on social media and Google. Our team will also review design plans, timelines and other event support assets to help you master each and every wedding.

  • Additional 3 months

    This program is designed for 6-12 months for maximum results. Before your membership ends, we'll give you the option to extend for an additional 3 months to help us go deeper on optimizing your processes, help you through wedding season and help you prepare for next year's wedding season. We'll tighten up your processes to ensure that your upcoming year is even smoother than the last.

Why you should join Planners who Profit today (not next year)

This is the sign you've been waiting for.

If you wait, you’ll continue looking to Google, Instagram and your girlfriends for answers that you can only find in an in-depth program. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you started today.

  • You've spent enough time trying to go the free route with a few one-off masterclasses here and there. How much longer do you want to wait to grow your business?

  • Now, more than ever, couples are understanding the value of an experienced wedding planner who can plan a beautiful wedding and successfully navigate the pandemic. Now is the time to stand out and get chose.

  • The longer you wait, the more joy and hope that you lose. Don't let this stuck feeling become a permanent state that causes you to give up everything. Your dream is worth it!



We are so excited to see if you're a good fit to work with us in Planners who Profit. Please take a minute to complete the form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you step into the high end market, make a consistent income, make a name for yourself in the events industry and live a flexible lifestyle.

Please make sure to give as much explanation as possible.

This is your chance to make an impression and let us know if you would be a good addition to Planners who Profit!


Frequently asked questionS

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How do the group calls work? How do I know my questions will be answered? What if I miss a call?

What if I serve a very specific niche in the industry. Is Planners who Profit still for me?

What if I don't land a new client at the new price point within 60 days? Does that mean I'm behind?

Do we meet in person or online?

I'm in the middle of wedding season now. Should I wait until later to signup?

What materials can I request feedback on?

If I land my dream client after 60 days, do I still need this program?

Does this program support those who have a day job in addition to the business?

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